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Boardroom Lunch Series
Pullman Melbourne on Swanston
Thursday, 23rd February 2023

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12 Noon – Pre-arrival drinks in the Conservatory on Level 15

12:30pm – Sit down lunch in Room 1954 on Level 15

About the Event

The 80 Twenty boardroom series is an exclusive, invitation only lunch (pre registration required), with approximately 25 attendees including sponsors and facilitators. The 80 Twenty boardroom lunch series is all about the development of meaningful commercial relationships, advocacy and meaningful connections for general manages and leaders alike in the hotel industry.

Brisbane Conference 2022
Brisbane Conference 2022
Brisbane Conference 2022
Brisbane Conference 2022

Our Guest Speaker

Dr Kellie Rose


Dr Kellie Rose has over a decade of experience working with elite athletes across the globe, supporting them to reach medal-winning performances at Olympic Games and international events.

With her diverse experience and skill set from human performance optimisation into the world of business, she uses this to enhance the health and wellbeing of senior leaders.

She focuses on the areas of sleep, stress management, exercise, and recovery, to support sustainable high-performance.

Areas of Discussion

Dr Kellie Rose will be delivering an interactive session on the following areas:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on the hotel industry and the health of its workforce
  • How poor health directly impacts the effectiveness and performance of individual leaders, and the ripple effect to their teams
  • The challenges GMs face in improving their personal health and wellbeing, and the benefits and practical strategies to getting more exercise, improving sleep, and managing stress
  • How to leverage wellbeing and workplace engagement to improve business productivity, and top/bottom line performance
  • Practical tips to integrate wellness into your organisation to attract talent, retain staff, and contribute to values and culture
  • Two take-away actions to improve your personal wellbeing, and that of your team, with 7-day accountability from Dr Kellie Rose

Boardroom Lunch Sponsor

Mews is an innovative hospitality cloud that empowers hoteliers to improve performance, maximize revenue, and provide remarkable guest experiences. A fully integrated ecosystem of products uses the power of smart automation to make a real operational difference to properties and chains of all sizes.

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