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The New Normal

80 Twenty Hotel Media is focussed on the delivery of high quality, unbiased and insightful content across the spectrum of the serviced accommodation sector



Get access to insightful content delivered by renowned industry experts across sales, marketing and revenue management functions.



Debate and talk about current industry problems and solutions, supported by expert insight and industry peers.



Collaborate to devise solutions to permit above fair-share market performance driven by suitable industry knowledge and tools.



Mix with suitable targets with an appropriate blend of delegate, vendor and key industry figures and experts.

A number of events are in the pipeline for 2022

to engage in growth of the sector in an era beyond Covid-19


Gold Coast

14th June 2022

Servicing the Gold Coast market with an intimate gathering of industry professionals delving into the dynamics of a recovery in primarily leisure based markets.



16th June 2022

Established full-day conference in Brisbane hosted annually since 2018 attracting between 200-300 delegates and 30-40 sponsors and exhibitors.

80 Twenty Hotel Media are proud to be supported by a range of high quality sponsors and exhibitors




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