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Outperform fairshare and grow out of Covid-19

Full-day event at The InterContinental Hotel in Sydney

11th August 2022

Outperform Fairshare & Grow out of Covid-19!

The inaugural 80 Twenty Hotel Conference is designed to provide insightful content with key takeaways to assist your serviced accommodation business during one of the most challenging environments in the modern era.

The 80 TWENTY Hotel Conference

The 80 TWENTY Hotel Conference will be in Sydney for a whole day conference on the 11th of August 2022, at The InterContinental Hotel. The upcoming event provides attendees with the opportunity to gain valuable insights from accommodation experts and industry leaders. The conference is a fantastic forum for senior hotel management, owners, and operators to network and expand their industry knowledge. Key topics in the upcoming conference focus on growth beyond a Covid-19, in particular strategies that focus on how the demand landscape has changed, recovery phases from an operational and staffing point of view as we get back to a “new normal”.




Get access to insightful content delivered by renowned industry experts across sales, marketing and revenue management functions.



Debate and talk about current industry problems and solutions, supported by expert insight and industry peers.



Collaborate to devise solutions to permit above fair-share market performance driven by suitable industry knowledge and tools.



Mix with suitable targets with an appropriate blend of delegate, vendor and key industry figures and experts.

The 80 TWENTY Hotel Media Conference

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Join us and gain the insight to drive your serviced accommodation business forward

Exceptional Value for Money!

The 80 TWENTY Hotel Conference is focussed on delivering exceptional value for money. Hosted at The W Hotel  in Melbourne on March 17th 2022, the event offers insightful and unbiassed content, focussed on getting outcomes for serviced accommodation properties.